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Anga King

Parentage: Colchicine treated Kamada Fuji x Colchicine treated Redon. First bloomed 1995. This Acra-violet tree peony bloom fades blush. It has a mild rose fragrance which compliments the elegant deep...

Anette Carson

Double type, very large, late. Outer petals blush pink, creamy white center. Somewhat fragrant. Tall, good foliage and stems and a free bloomer.


A very rich dark red semi-double, early mid-season trim bloom, nearly full petalled. Honorable mention, Des Moines 1932.

Andrew Dale

Semi-double. Parentage: Miss America x unknown. First bloomed before 1993. All white large outer petals surround multiple rows of inner petals stamens yellow in center clump carpels tipped pink with...

André Lauries

Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Crousse, 1881. Donated by Farr. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom rose. Form of bloom globular, very compact. Not differentiated. Transformed. Color (total...